Friday, May 22, 2009

LG style

i am happy (too happy) and exited to get my LG back, it's been over 1 week to wait it done.
i broke the screen, erm... no no not me (in purpose) but i fall down with my phone at the back. 2 screen in 1 down. and it cost me about RM250. thanks that my baby has back to me now... ^_^

thanks to the LG center, to keep my warranty valid.

Friday, March 20, 2009

race to witch mountain

i went to watch this movie last Wednesday together with JR, Albert n Linda. after took a long time to wait JR came back from penang.
met at ming thien, had our dinner together, and wait another 30min to wait that movie start.
(one thing i don't like from cineleasure they always delay their exact time to start the movie!!)

i must admit this movie are funny
the rock, with his kind of face can make the film really funny
and the rock act just look naturaly.

so guys have a empty weekend days?
go and watch this movie, hope it will fill ur weekend up

and just only, Albert and Linda told me the must watch movie "the pets hotel". Hilarius movie as they said
heem... maybe next week...
oh wait, can't!!! i have planty of to-do-list next week.

-have a nice week end-

Friday, March 13, 2009


friday always the day i love
a day before weekend
and today, i woke up to a wet Friday
manage to woke up at 7.45. rushing. to-scared-of late-to work
i left my house at 8.15 thought will be the first person reach at my work place
but to bad the effect of rain damage or create a problem to d lrt
and again, i stuck inside
i almost faint, the time i saw the queue.

i wait till almost faint
with my hungry stomach and the coolness of the weather
finally i only manage to in at 8.40.
at that moment i think
"yes, i will the first person reach my work place!!! yeah!! but not the first early reach ,yet the first person most late reach"
i late 15min and i was so scared till need to sms my manager
but know what, the person i sms was not in. haiz...

just hoping it's a good signal to my great weekend

have a good weekend people

i going to have dinner date in a very late time tonight. ^_^

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


it's been long time i never down to sick to this way
2 days of MC guest i need to replace or add 4 more hours of my work hours for the next 2 days.

thanks to my manager, and friends who really understand about my health today
thanks for the understanding.

tomorrow will be a better day
with new health and mood
it's bored to be at home do nothing

i take 1 set of my vitamin and double up my medicine
so now i can update my blog
ok there are still some pain in my back neck forehead and back head
(kind like get hit with some kind of hard thing)
but just don't border it hope tomorrow i will get better
coz i already spend RM60 for medical
think rm60 easy to find in this economic situation???
hell NO!!!

my wish for tomorrow:
* hope my body want to understand tat i in "saving money situation" ^_^
* hope tomorrow will be better than my last passed days

good night and wish me to get well soon!!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009


every thing gonna be alright babe
things are change
life are change
and we must change
to be better

"i believe it"

trust and let your heart lead you
let ur belief lead too

i never trust what people said without any proof...

Monday, February 16, 2009

the off day

good day people (ehem)
to announce today (again) is my off day
i get bit irritate by given 2 days off in so near day with each off day
which is i just get my last week off on Sunday
and now i get my THIS week off on TODAY (Tuesday)
i don't even get tired yet

i suppose to keep my off day till the day i need
but as my manager said "never mind just take ur off tomorrow no need to keep"

as i back to home and tell my BF
and he said "sorry darling but i can't company u tomorrow i will be so busy and late for come back home"
suddenly i felt *no explanation*
and now i end up with sis of BF laptop browsing here and there doing nothing *sien*
ok la not nothing
but i going out in a short time

"let me go out or i will bite you"

that pic only for illustration purpose, that not really happen in a real life
^__^ V

Sunday, February 15, 2009

SOON WONG restaurant

February 15 '09

happy valentine days
how was the day???

let me tell u
"all the way to 1u was JAM!!!"
lucky me, my bf and my house mate manage to go kepong to have dinner
bak kut teh!!!
absolutely not of course!!! :P
valentine not special for couple only but also with friends :)

we called 2 person bak kut teh and 2 person portion of chicken alcohol (arak chicken)
we only 3person but called till 4 person meal
end up with super damn full

today me and my BF went to jaya one to have our breakfast together with lunch
since i been so long thinking about my beef noodle
my BF manage to bring me to the place with beef noodle specialty (ehem)


the happy girl

beef noodle
(there's lot af beef in side)
hokkian fried rice in hong kong style

chan pao
(this pao really nice you should try it)

drink i ordered
oreo milkshake nice not too sweet n not to milky

overall the food there are nice and afortable